Sunday Ain't Scary

[16] Things Don't Happen for a Reason

February 06, 2022 Jordan Carroll
Sunday Ain't Scary
[16] Things Don't Happen for a Reason
Show Notes

I've heard time and time again that "things happen for a reason." 

I disagree...

Things just happen. 

The meaning that comes from the situation, or the "reason" is completely manufactured by the person. Two people can have the same thing happen to them and respond in completely different ways. Does that mean either of their "reasons" is less valid? 

No, it means that we can choose. Think about challenging times in your life. What are the opportunities that have opened up because of challenging situations? Are you able to proactively see the beauty in experiences that initially felt negative? What would you do if you could retroactively create the "reason" for anything happening in your life instead of accepting a presupposed explanation that someone else offers?

The more we can accept and appreciate circumstances for what they are, the quicker we'll be able to assign our own meaning to them and do so in a way that serves us instead of digging ourselves a grave of despair. Enjoy this episode for my thoughts on this subject.


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