Sunday Ain't Scary

[17] We All Live in the Same Glass House

February 20, 2022 Jordan Carroll
Sunday Ain't Scary
[17] We All Live in the Same Glass House
Show Notes

At what lengths must we search just to find out that we're all imperfect?

We live in a world in which we impact each other with everything we do, yet we find ourselves in extreme silos of division.

In these silos, we create so much judgment of others that our belief systems become our identities.

And I’ve been feeling like this shift is causing us to forget something very important: we all live in the same glasshouse.

People inherently have this rush to throw stones at others whom don’t believe the same as they do.

But when you throw stones in a glasshouse, you’re only breaking your own collective home.

A society in which no one can make mistakes is a society in which no one can win.

No one is mistake-free. No one is defined by one moment.

True personal growth is acceptance and compassion for others in the way you’d like to be forgiven for your mistakes.

It’s knowing that if a light were shown on your past in excruciating detail, there would be things you’re not proud of.


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