Sunday Ain't Scary

[18] Be. Do. Have.

February 27, 2022 Jordan Carroll
Sunday Ain't Scary
[18] Be. Do. Have.
Show Notes

To get what you want out of life, you need to first act like the person you want to BE by doing the things they would DO so you can have the things they would HAVE.

What We’re Conditioned to Believe:

  • Have: I have to have this before…
  • Do: I can do this thing…
  • Be: So I can be this person…

But... this way of thinking is counter-productive!

  • In Have, Do, Be, you’re waiting for an external factor to change you
  • Many people don’t recognize this faulty thinking
  • It’s easy to get stuck in a loop of inaction


“I need to have money to be able to do this coaching program to be an entrepreneur that makes a lot of money.” But ironically, it's going to be that coaching program that helps you get to the level you want to go.

The Upgraded Way to Think: Be. Do. Have.

  • Be: I will act as the person I want to be…
  • Do: By doing the things they would do…
  • Have: So I can have the things they would have…

This Requires You 2.0

  • There is a NEXT LEVEL version of you that already exists in possibility
  • Accessing You 2.0 requires you to act like You 2.0 before you’re ready
  • Some might call it “faking it till you make it”
  • The reality is, if you act a certain way long enough you just become that way
  • The more you connect to You 2.0, the more you can make decisions based on what they do, and it relieves the pressure from YOU

Questions to Answer About You 2.0

  • You 2.0, think: who do you need to be to get the result that you want?
  • How does this person act and make decisions?
  • Picture You 2.0 in your head. What are some traits that person has?
  • Picture You 2.0 in your head, how does that person feel about themselves?
  • Does You 2.0 have a name that you can reference? (i.e. Alter Ego)
  • What’s one weird thing about You 2.0 that you can always remember easily… e.g. something they wear or do that’s totally unique…

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