Sunday Ain't Scary

[4] What I Learned From My Best Friend Dying

November 05, 2021 Jordan Carroll
Sunday Ain't Scary
[4] What I Learned From My Best Friend Dying
Show Notes

A physical life was taken from us far too early...

Danny, one of my closest friends, who was only 30, passed away unexpectedly just over a year ago. Being as tragic as it was, I've found myself looking for the lessons from this experience as a coping mechanism. In looking for those lessons, I may have found something even more interesting...

Since my best friend died, I've been spiritually guided by him in my everyday life.


Alan Watts says "we are the universe experiencing itself," and the beautiful part about life, from my view, is that it's cyclical and non-linear. I believe we are all part of a collective energy: simply projections of the universe from different perspectives, not bound by time or physical restrictions or limiting beliefs we choose to hold.

We learn from our experiences with other humans, and that learning continues long after they're gone. Some past experiences (and trauma) have taken me so long to process, only after 10-20 years have I actually been able to internalize the lesson. 

But that's just life. I imagine some lessons from Danny's passing won't show themselves for time to come. Nonetheless, I feel I'm still able to consult Danny all the time about important decisions.

Yes. I know this is dense. If you're still with me, keep going:

Our physical body is only one representation of us, the spirit lives in memory, energy, thought, and more. Think about anyone you've ever lost... Not seeing them in person doesn't mean that they don't impact your life. It doesn't mean your projection of them won't still live in your conscious. Sometimes I'll sit and think in my head, "what would Danny tell me to do?"

Here's what I learned from losing my best friend:

  1. After you die, you're not gone
  2. It will never really feel real
  3. Grief isn't linear
  4. We have no idea how much time we have
  5. Gratitude for every I wake up

These lessons are strongly correlated to my experiences with Ayahuasca, which I talk about in episode 1. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope when I pass that I have amazing friends who can take guidance from my spirit, and allow me to do so 🙏


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