Sunday Ain't Scary

[5] The Four Steps to Gain Confidence in Anything

November 14, 2021 Jordan Carroll
Sunday Ain't Scary
[5] The Four Steps to Gain Confidence in Anything
Show Notes

During a session a few years ago, one of my previous coaches gave me a lesson on how to gain confidence in growing my business. When he started speaking about the methodology, I felt surprised at how simple it seemed, yet it forever changed the way I think.

Initiating confidence is incredibly important to achieving your potential in life. Most *real* ambitions you'll have will live outside your comfort zone. Meaning, you'll need to deal with the reality of not feeling confident while still taking action. 

The good thing?

Knowing that confidence can be manufactured should give you, well... confidence. Since it's not 'God-given,' you can work on confidence like it's a skill.

Use this framework of The 4 C's to find more confidence and ultimately achieve your goals:⠀

  • Step 1: Commitment⠀

Commitment is the prerequisite. Most people fail because their commitment to their current situation is stronger than the one to their potential future.⠀

  • Step 2: Courage⠀

You don't need to always know the "how." Once you commit 100% - you begin to live in a place of courage, not fear, and you build your belief systems which often become self-fulfilling prophecies.⠀

  • Step 3: Capacity⠀

As you act courageously, your mind, body, and spirit increase in capacity. You use feedback loops to think critically and solve problems. You prove you can do more than you thought.⠀

  • Step 4: Confidence⠀

You internalize the confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed at this level. Now it's on to the next, and the entire cycle starts over again. Level up, level up, level up, level up.

Listen to this episode to learn more details and extended examples of the 4 C's.


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