Sunday Ain't Scary

[9] Universal Lessons From 2 Life Changing Surgeries in 6 Months

December 12, 2021 Jordan Carroll
Sunday Ain't Scary
[9] Universal Lessons From 2 Life Changing Surgeries in 6 Months
Show Notes

In the past 6 months, I've gone through 2 life-changing surgeries.

A half year ago I had my gallbladder removed because of gallstones that threatened to infect my pancreas (which is potentially fatal), and on the 1st of December, I had an ACL reconstruction (knee).

Going through these experiences has forced me to try to make sense of why after 30 years without any major surgeries, my body would require 2 of them in this short of a time span. So the purpose of this podcast is not for pity… It's nice to know people care and I appreciate the sympathy, but it’s really about the bigger picture, which is summed up by this quote:⁣

“The mind affects the cells in your body, in the same sense that what manifests in the body affects your state of mind.”⁣

In this podcast, I go through 6 lessons I've learned through this process in which I believe are universal. I went through the surgeries and learned these so you don't have to 😉

  1. Challenges are opportunities to breakthrough your threshold, and typically they are the sign that you're about to do exactly that.
  2. Instead of resisting reality, practice surrender and radical acceptance of your circumstances.
  3. Eliminate your  "shoulds and have to's." Being as limited as I am right now physcially, it's caused me to question what's actually "needed" in my life, and what's the most important. 
  4. You only get one body! As I'm getting older my body is changing and I'm unable to push it to certain limits with reckless abandon like I used to. Going forward I have a renewed focus on mobility, longevity, stretching, and feeling good.
  5. An injury like this brings about a new level of gratitude. Not only for my folks as caretakers, but for my career, remote work, the times of progress, and just being alive.
  6. It's all connected. The physical is connected to the mental, spiritual, relational, emotional... messages from the universe come via different means. Right now the message is coming through the physical passage of injury, but it's also tied to the other aspects of my life.


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