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[15] Ten Habits of Highly Effective Remote Workers and Nomads

January 30, 2022 Jordan Carroll
Sunday Ain't Scary
[15] Ten Habits of Highly Effective Remote Workers and Nomads
Show Notes

Life requires you to integrate your best self into all areas because they are all connected. This means: establishing habits for health, wealth, work productivity, and relationships.

Why is this important?

It’s incredibly easy to negatively impact one area of life by ignoring another.

BUT… the same is true inversely…

It’s incredibly easy to positively impact one area of life by thriving in another. 

I interviewed dozens of remote workers and high-performing, "effective" nomads. These are the 10 habit pillars of their success, consolidated.

  1. They care about what they put in their body
    • Eat real food
    • Automate decisions
    • Limit toxins
  2. Movement and recovery are non-negotiable
    • Make exercise a priority
    • Integrate movement into daily life
    • Get quality sleep
  3. They don’t feel guilty prioritizing self-care
    • Recharge with healthy escapism
    • Incorporate play and get outside
    • Hygienize information
  4. Create and maintain connections
    • Keep in touch with loved ones
    • Seek accountability
    • Find and/or create local community
  5. Rely on routines instead of decisions
    • Mornings are the same
    • Location-independent routines 
    • Iterate as needed
  6. Resourceful in all aspects
    • Practice minimalism
    • Financially literate
    • Maximize opportunities
  7. They create structure through planning
    • Enable environment 
    • Stay for at least a month
    • Fly short distances
  8. Constantly learning
    • Consume targeted content
    • Learn from other cultures
    • Share skills 
  9. They practice introspection
    • Create a vision for life
    • Reflect on feelings
    • Get JOMO not FOMO 
  10. Optimize productivity
    • Focus on one thing at a time
    • Limit distractions
    • Keep a calendar 

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